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  • Dht blocker

     Tantan güncelledi 4 ay önce 1 Üye · 3 Gönderiler
  • Hente

    18 Haziran 2021 saat 02:58

    Hi guys, I know this has probably been asked previously, but I can’t find any answers. I’m looking for a better moisturiser, preferably DHT blocker free, but I’m not sure which to go for. I’ve heard Nivea soft is good, but I also read about Cerave which I heard is slightly better. Any advice would be appreciated

  • Mathwe

    18 Haziran 2021 saat 02:59

    I really like Cereve Moisturizing Cream as a facial and body moisturizer. It has 3 different Ceremides and Halluronic Acid which are good for keeping your skin in healthy condition. It doesn’t have DHT blocking Ingredients.

  • Tantan

    18 Haziran 2021 saat 03:00

    Hey guys. So in the first like 2.5 months I made pretty great gains, got soft coverage basically everywhere. I’m on month 7 and have seen literally NO changes since then. Not shedding nor growth. Anyone else experienced just a straight up halt in progress? How long did it last for?

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