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  • Dr. Cinik’s in Turkey

     John güncelledi 4 ay, 1 hafta önce 1 Üye · 1 Gönder
  • John

    11 Haziran 2021 saat 17:31

    I just got back from turkey three weeks ago from Dr. Cinik’s! A few suggestions I would make to others would be don’t absolutely don’t use a third party airline booking agent! I used Expedia and they changed the departure time without me knowing it and it cost me 2K for my daughter and I knew tickets to get back to the US! They wouldn’t do anything for me. Another thing I would suggest is staying a few days longer. They had complications with blood circulation in a few spots after the transplant and had to do PRP treatments for four days afterwards until the blood flow came back. Plus it’s nice seeing the sights in Istanbul Turkey as well. I was happy with every else.Now it’s just a waiting game good luck everyone

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