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  • if you stop using Minoxdil the hair we got will fall back

     Kenion güncelledi 4 ay, 1 hafta önce 1 Üye · 3 Gönderiler
  • xtyu

    12 Haziran 2021 saat 09:56

    Hello friends I read on the internet that there is a chance that the minoxidil will cause wrinkles and accelerate the aging process on the face, I wanted to ask if this happened to anyone here? In addition to that I read that if you stop using Minoxdil the hair we got will fall back. Has this happened to the people here? I would be happy for you to respond if you felt any strange side effects (not dry skin etc.) Thanks to everyone who helps .. I just got the package of the foam and I am scared to start using it because I have heard a lot of bad things on the internet I also read that people recommend consuming a collagen (vitamin) supplement. Does anyone here need additional supplements? I would love to hear your opinion thank you to everyone who helps.

  • mnıı

    12 Haziran 2021 saat 09:57

    Foam seems to be better for the skin cause it dries it out less; just keep your skin moisturised and it should be alright. Good thing to do too to protect your skin is use a 0.5 dermaroller once a week to boost collagen in your face. Loads of stuff you can find online about steps you can take to protect your skin when using minox

  • Kenion

    12 Haziran 2021 saat 09:59

    So I’m now officially 2 months in. I’ve had some pretty good gains so far, going from nothing to patchy in a short space of time. Yesterday my girlfriend suggested using her mascara to help see how many vellus hairs I actually had and the results were pretty crazy. First 2 photos are just under 2 months in and second 2 photos are 2 months in with mascara added to the vellus hairs. Laugh at me if you want but I’m more motivated than ever now 😂

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