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  • Minox and beard

     Don güncelledi 3 ay, 3 hafta önce 2 Üye · 4 Gönderiler
  • Elopar

    26 Haziran 2021 saat 19:02

    Hi guys. I am a long term member of this group, been off minox for maybe 2 years or even 3, used it for 2 when I turned 18. In the post you will see my starting point, then 6 month point where not many gains happened and I thought about quitting and then next picture is after 2 yeas when I stopped using it and just decided to let it grow. The last picture is what I currently do with my beard, keep it a bit more trimmed but as you see still after many years after quitting it is still there

  • Mehme

    26 Haziran 2021 saat 19:57

    Been using foam for just over 3 months with no issues but I’ve now gotten a blotchy rash on my neck. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Park

    26 Haziran 2021 saat 19:58


    I had a great run on liquid, applying twice a day for 2 months. Then suddenly my skin got very dry, red, itchy and flakey. I stopped using it for 6 weeks. Bought some foam and tried again, one application and the same reaction. Really disappointed! It was going SO well….

  • Don

    26 Haziran 2021 saat 19:58

    Yeah could be an allergic reaction, but I got a bit of skin irritation too around month 2. Mine went away when I started moisturising consistently, so I’d recommend that for a couple of days to see if it helps, but stop if it gets any worse. Do you dermaroll?? That can irritate your skin too, and if you use minox too soon after rolling it can cause some skin itching and irritation (or at least it did for me)

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