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  • Minoxidil beard

     Dingo güncelledi 10 ay önce 2 Üye · 3 Gönderiler
  • Kinyy

    22 Temmuz 2021 saat 15:36

    Hi guys been taking minoxidil since January I use rogaine 5% foam I’ve come from nothing and wonder I have a lot off velus hairs still on checks and under my chin how long before they start turning terminal should I switch to liquid for better results and will my chin strap ever grow in I’m still waiting for the velus hairs to come I want a beard so bad and am sick of it looking so scruffy and undeveloped

  • Kip

    22 Temmuz 2021 saat 15:42

    I just recently joined and do not feel like scrolling through the posts. Can someone tell me what the best moisturizer is and why? I started on minox yesterday.

  • Dingo

    22 Temmuz 2021 saat 15:42

    Going on vacation soon for about a week. Has anyone ever stop for a week and got back on. Or maybe on and off for a few days. Basically being inconsistent for a short time. Did you lose some gains?

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