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  • Minoxidil proscar finastride

     Ollin güncelledi 1 hafta, 4 gün önce 1 Üye · 1 Gönder
  • Ollin

    22 Temmuz 2021 saat 15:54

    For those who are also going through male pattern baldness (MPB) and using finasteride. I am switching to topical finasteride. I was 21 when I first started noticing some thinning and got on finasteride which halted it. However at the time I could still barely grow a beard. I think taking finasteride effectively halted my beard growth. I have been on finasteride for 8 years now and no further hair loss.

    But now I want to grow a beard I know that DHT is required which is what finasteride inhibits. Been on Minox for my beard for 1 year now and I’ve made progress, but it’s kind of stopped for the past 6 months.

    I’ve stopped taking oral finasteride and now using this topical one, studies and numerous folk online have shown it is just as effective as oral finasteride. As for side effects – I was lucky on oral finasteride that I got zero side effects, well only I couldn’t grow a beard. Apparently applying it topically can mean less dht gets blocked into your serum / body and more in your scalp. Hopefully giving me some precious DHT to get my beard follicles working!

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