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  • Palau Overview

     Mina güncelledi 4 ay önce 1 Üye · 1 Gönder
  • Mina

    29 Temmuz 2021 saat 15:18

    Often lauded as the ultimate snorkeling destination on the planet, Palau is an island nation featuring coral reefs, turquoise waters, World War II wrecks hidden underneath the surface of the water, aquatic caves and tunnels, and some of the most dazzling arrays of rare fish and sea life on Earth. A small group of islands located just southeast of the Philippines in the Micronesia section of Oceania, Palau is an island paradise just waiting to be discovered.

    Palau is broken up into several regions. Babeldaob Island, which is the largest, boasts a population of around 6000 people. Koror is next, and is the largest city in the country, on Orear Island. Then there are the Southwest Islands, which are group of smaller islands with only around 100 people living within. Finally there are the Rock Islands, which are a scattering of over 300 islands which include what has become known as Jellyfish Lake, home to millions of jellyfish.

    Almost all of the activities on these islands revolve around the sea in some way. Scuba diving is quite possibly the most popular activity while visiting Palau, not only for the beautiful underwater scenery, but for the World War II wrecks off the shores, and the area known as Blue Corner, roughly an hour’s boat ride out from the main resorts, featuring some of the best shark-watching conditions on the planet. Also, there are some non-oceanic activities to pursue, such as heading into the monoliths and ruins scattered around Babeldaob.

    English is the official language, and the US dollar is the main currency. As a relatively remote island with tourism is the main source of income, prices are not cheap. Transportation for same-island destinations is possible, but getting out to the other islands will require either your own personal boat, or renting one from someone else. Scuba and snorkeling gear is easy to obtain, and the food and climate are definitely tropical.

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