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  • rapid rate for the last 6 months any suggestions ?

     kURD güncelledi 4 ay, 1 hafta önce 2 Üye · 2 Gönderiler
  • John

    11 Haziran 2021 saat 18:02

    20 years old and my hair is thinning at a rapid rate for the last 6 months any suggestions ?(no hair loss around the temples )

  • kURD

    11 Haziran 2021 saat 18:03

    Increase silica intake (bananas, oats, lentils, horsetail supplements). Take saw palmetto to block 5-ARD from creating DHT. Take a probiotic. Keep your B-vitamin and zinc levels up. Massage your scalp and comb before your showers. Apply aloe vera gel to your scalp after your showers and rinse out a couple/few hours later. Use a scalp oil of some sort before bed. I use the Hairguard scalp elixir. Take marine collagen (I put it in smoothies). Try identify food allergies and avoid those foods (I’m personally allergic to gluten and dairy). On top of all that, try to eat healthier and more alkaline foods as much as possible. More fruits, vegetables, greens, beans, nuts and seeds. Less meat, dairy and bread. These are the things I’ve been doing and it seems that my hair is slowly coming back as long as I am consistent with my routine

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