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  • Steffi

    11 Haziran 2021 saat 18:07

    Hello there. I wanted to share my experience,so it might help someone else too. I had a lot of hairthinning/ fall out for quite long and no doctor could figure out whats wrong or why this happens. So I had to do me own research/experiments. I came across Taoist soap (apparently there are a lot of knock off on the market, so I would highly suggest to order straight from their website. But be aware ,its pricy). I started using this soap instead of my natural shampoo. My hairloss especially in and after the shower got so much better so quickly!!! I was amazed!!! After a while of using it ,i noticed that my hair got left with some type of a residue and I wanted to stop using regular shampoo, because after using this my hairfall increased again. So I did some more research… long story short. Now I washing my hair with water only!!! I rise with cold water couple times a week and every week or 2 I “wash” my hair with warm water and a silicone heard massaging brush . Since doing this I almost have no hair in the shower and even afterwards its not that bad. So for everyone who is struggling and nothing else worked ,you might want to give this a try. Good luck everyone!! 🌺